What Customers Are Saying About JK Farms Trucking

"I would highly recommend JK Farms to any company in the business of distribution. As the Director of Procurement for Parr Lumber Company I am responsible for our purchasing and logistic operations. In a critical time when we needed to expand our distribution capabilities, the services provided by JK Farms allowed us the ability to expand our reach into the Oregon and Washington markets.


The consistent quality and service provided by the drivers at JK Farms has earned them the distinction of being thought of as Parr Lumber Company employees. Their professionalism and caring attitude mimics the high level of professional service we expect of our employees. In addition to providing excellent service I have come to rely on their candid input as a trusted business partner.


I would highly recommend JK Farms as one of our very best service providers and a key factor to our successful growth."


Matt Jeffries

Director of Procurement

Parr Lumber Company